Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade

Welcome to the Pacific Highway Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade website.


Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade

Length: About 42 kilometres
Type: Dual carriageway upgrade
Status: Environmental assessment released for community comment
Funding: Jointly funded by the Federal and NSW State Government



The Warrell Creek to Urunga project would involve an upgrade of the existing highway to a four lane divided highway from the existing Allgomera deviation, south of Warrell Creek, to the Waterfall Way at Raleigh.

In June 2003, the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) began planning a dual carriageway upgrade of the Pacific Highway from Macksville to Urunga. In November 2005, the NSW Minister for Roads announced the preferred route for the Macksville to Urunga section of the upgrade.

In June 2008 the concept design for the Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade (incorporating the Warrell Creek and Macksville to Urunga upgrade projects) was displayed for community comment.

The RTA has lodged the environmental assessment for the Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade with the NSW Department of Planning under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979. The environmental assessment is available on the Department of Planning website and on the Project documents section of this website.

The environmental assessment is on display for community comment from 28 January to 29 March 2010.

This website provides further information on the development process for the Warrell Creek to Urunga upgrade, including opportunities for community and stakeholder involvement.



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